What is the Phase

The term Phase, encompasses a number of phenomenon also known as out of body experience, lucid dreaming, astral projection. Also recent studies suggest that some other experiences such as false awakening, sleep paralysis, near death experience, alien abductions and others, fall under the same category of experiences. Therefore the term Phase refers to all of these phenomena as there is no difference between them as far as techniques are concerned.

The term phase state (or simply phase) encompasses a number of widely known dissociative phenomena, many of which are referred to by various terms, such as astral or out-of-body travel. This concept also includes the more pragmatic term lucid dreaming, but does not always exist in the sense and form implied by that expression. Hence, the term phase has been introduced to ease the study of phenomena that exist beyond habitual – and often unfair – associations and stereotypes. The term out-of-body travel is accurate to the extent that it describes the sensation felt by a person experiencing the phase phenomenon.

A phase has two primary attributes:

  • practitioners possess full, conscious awareness during the experience, and
  • practitioners recognize a genuine separation from the physical body.

Simultaneously, the degree to which practitioners perceive the phase environment affects the level of sensory experiences therein, which often occur in a higher form than the sensory experiences of wakefulness. This concept is difficult to imagine without firsthand experience of the phase. And so, it is not without reason that this practice is considered to be a higher state of self-hypnosis or meditation, and is often referred to under different names as the highest possible human achievement in various religious and mystical movements (yoga, Buddhism, etc.).

In essence, the phase is an unexplored state of mind where one is unable to control and feel his physical body. Instead, his space perception is filled with realistic phantom experiences.

It is believed that up to one quarter of the human population has encountered this phenomenon. However, if variations and different degrees of intensity of the state are taken into consideration, it may be safely assumed that everyone has encountered the phase. Since the phase is a rare subject of study, many who inadvertently enter it do not realize what has taken place once they return to wakefulness. Many do not assign any significance to the occurrence of a phase environment that is not fully formed because shallow phases don’t leave the same jolting impression as deep states. Elusive as the phase may seem, this is an extremely common phenomenon, accessible to anyone willing to consciously learn and apply the correct methods of achieving and maintaining the phase(lucid dreaming and out-of-body phenomenon)

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