About Out of Body Experience Guide

OBE Guide logoOut of Body Experience Guide is a Canadian based organization and the first North American branch of School of Out-Of-Body Travel originally established in Russia by author and researcher of the phenomenon Michael Raduga.

We offer online workshops/training courses/private coaching on practical techniques and methods to experience an out-of-body state, lucid dreaming or astral projection (The Phase). During the training, participants learn the practical techniques, methods, and algorithms to enter the out of body state, manage it and use it for applied purposes.

Out of Body Experience Guide is officially appointed by Michael Raduga as a North American branch of School of Out-Of-Body Travel in 2009.

We believe that The Phase is for everyone and that each and every one of us has already experienced it in one form or another. It’s our natural ability. It’s the talent that everyone possesses and the skill that anyone can learn and master to enrich your life and discover your true potential.

School of Out Of Body Travel (SOBT)

Original School of Out of Body Travel (SOBT) was first established in Russia by Michael Raduga in 1999. Since then thousands of participants have gone through SOBT training and seminars. Branches of the school have been opened in many locations and now SOBT came to North America.

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SOBT Training System

SOBT training system is based on pragmatic approach and scientific methods of study of the phenomenon. The real basis of these phenomena have been studied in minute detail and it is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. For centuries, it was believed that this practice required many years of training — now only a couple of days are needed!