First Phase Experience

Tatyana gave me an introduction to the Phase lecture and recommended reading a free book by Michael Raduga (can be downloaded from about the Phase (Raduga’s term for OBE/AP/Lucid Dreaming). I’ve never had any of those, so following the instructions, I’ve read just the first section of the book and decided to try the indirect method. I set up a day when I do not need to wake up earlier and called it a plan 😉

The day before the planned date my daughter woke up at 7:30 and started to talk to me waking me up completely. Once I was totally awake, she fell asleep (oh, those kids on the weekends!) leaving me lying in bed with eyes wide open for a long time. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore but then unexpectedly fell asleep. So, somehow everything happened on its own exactly as the book instructs you to arrange the indirect entry 😉

Suddenly in my dream I understand that I can control everything. It never happened before. I started to wave my arms and legs, then ran left and right. I understand that I can move wherever I want. I DID IT! There is no feeling of overwhelming joy, just the deep satisfaction, like I am finally where I need to be. Hello, subconscious, nice to meet you! 😉

Next came understanding that now I could change my dream the way I wanted to (like in Inception movie). What do I want? For some reason, I wanted to drink a soda with sweet syrup they used to serve for 3 pennies from big soda-making machines on the streets of my childhood. Immediately a bus stop with such a machine appears right in front of me and it is dark. I start walking toward it and sure enough there are two strange men waiting near the dark bus stop. But I do not fear them because I know that this is my dream and I can do whatever I want with them…

Eventually I ended up not drinking the soda. Probably the view of the machine was satisfying enough. Then I thought about doing something that can only be done in the phase and decided to fly. I never fly in my dreams, so that should be exciting! Momentarily the scene around changes into a room with an open window. The side door opens and my hubby shows up smiling but I just close him behind the door – there is no place for you here 😉 I come to the window and step on the windowsill. Below is a deep gorge with the huge tall pine tree in the middle. I jump and fly toward it. There is no fear, just the total excitement! Once on the tree branch, I want to fly further but can’t. My body started being pulled somewhere back. I am trying to resist it but I can’t and then open my eyes in my bed.


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