Step by Step Phase practice plan

This is a sample plan for your phase practice.

Evening Before:

  • DO NOT DO any attempts!
  • go to bed at midnight
  • set your alarm clock for 6 in the morning
  • just sleep. Have a really good rest – you will use DEFERRED METHOD next morning when you wake up

6 AM (bzzzzzzzzzz – your alarm wakes you up)

  • wake up. Too sleepy? stay awake longer. Not too sleepy? stay awake just a few minutes.
  • have some water, use restroom, make sure its dark and quiet where you practice
  • review your PLAN OF ACTION
  • fall asleep THINKING about your PLAN OF ACTION.


  • within next 2-3 hours you will wake up naturally (no alarm clock)
  • you will wake up without movement and immediately attempt to separate
  • if separation did not work you will cycle the techniques
  • you will use at least 3 techniques in each cycle, for example: rotation, phantom wiggling, observing images
  • if certain technique works – stay on it until the sensations are strong enough to separate, does not work – switch to the next technique.
  • you will make at least 5 cycles
  • you will achieve The Phase (Out-Of-Body Experience or Lucid Dream) or may be not
  • you will fall asleep again THINKING about your PLAN OF ACTION

First Natural Awakening:

  • remember your plan of action
  • do your plan of action

Second Natural Awakening:

  • remember your plan of action
  • do your plan of action

  • You will make attempts until 8 – 9 AM.
  • If nothing worked you will try the next day.
  • Remember, not to over do it when you are successful, though. Give yourself some reast, a day, and then practice again.
  • Remember, always practice with confidence and intensity (even aggression) as though your life depends on it!

Good Luck!

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