Personalized One-on-One Training Program

A private coach/instructor with teach you:

  • To achieve OBE state at will
  • To control OBE state with effective, easy to learn techniques.
  • To use OBE state for applied purposes like travelling world, space & time and healing

 Program Summary

Personalized one-on-one Training Program for Out of Body Experience (aka Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection) based on Michael Raduga method as described in The Phase, A Practical Guide Book.

the program is delivered via online media, such as Skype or similar and email in the privacy of your own home.

We offer 7.5 hours of personalized coaching consisting of:

  • 3 training sessions (5 hours in total) via Skype or similar
  • 2.5 hours of follow up, free format sessions via Skype or email
  • unlimited email support within 2 month after completion of the program
  • Also included:
    – Free printed copy of The Phase, A Practical Guide book
    – Free hight quality printed copies of the Step by Step Phase Practice Guide and The Phase Quick Reference Guide, see more details at:

The main objective of this training is to focus on the easiest and most effective method of experiencing OBE state – Indirect Method.

Program Description

Training Session #1 – Duration 3 hours

This is the longest session of the entire series. The main objective of this session – is your complete understanding of all the steps involved in successfully entering OBE state using the Indirect Method.
We will cover all the aspects of Indirect Method in minute details so you understand the exact actions you would need to take before, during, and after your practice to experience an OBE state. We will briefly touch Deepening techniques and Maintaining techniques but only with regards to Indirect Method which is the most important at this point.

After this first session, you will be equipped with a good understanding of what you need to do for your Homework. We will also cover how to keep the record of your practice.

Homework. Your homework after Session 1 will include your personal OBE practice. We will recommend the optimal schedule and the best format for keeping the record of your practice so it will help you improve every time.

Before session 2, you will be required to perform at least 10 attempts and keep the detailed account of your attempts.

1 attempt = a single morning practice where you may have several OBEs.

Once you have 10 attempts and have a record of each one of this attempts and resulting experiences – session #2 will be scheduled.

Training Sessions #2 and #3 – Duration 1 hour, each

We will focus on the analysis of your attempts and required corrections. Based on what I see is needed personally for you certain aspects of the Phase practice will be covered in depth in order to help you with what may not be working for you and strengthening what is working.

Depending on your personal progress, as soon as you master the Indirect Method we will go deeper into more advanced areas of OBE practice.

Homework. Your homework will include your personal OBE practice and again you need to complete at least 10 attempts and apply all the corrections provided for you during previous sessions.

Follow up Sessions – follow up sessions in the form of emails or additional online meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis throughout the training to facilitate your progress and provide feedback.


Program cost – $350

+ 10% processing fees and taxes

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  • You understand and agree that a Personal trainer is here to facilitate your learning process.
  • You understand and agree that a Personal trainer cannot make you have an experience.
  • You understand and agree that a Personal trainer can only teach a method and if applied precisely as instructed this method will lead to the desired result in most cases but not 100%
  • You take full responsibilities for studying and understanding the risks associated with this practice.
  • You confirm that you are not going to pursue any legal actions against trainer or author of this method in case of unsatisfactory outcomes of your practice.

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With questions about this training program please contact [email protected]

Tatyana OBEguide

Tatyana is an experienced Phase practitioner since 2009. Tatyana's style of coaching includes personalized approach and true care about her students success. "I believe having these experiences is our natural ability and a gift that everyone possess. We all need to explore this gift to learn and understand more about ourselves and our connection to the universe. I am here to help you and guide you through this amazing process". Tatyana's experiences are featured in The Phase, Practical Guide book.


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