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Step-by-Step Phase Practice. Step 5.

If separation didn’t occur, cycle through indirect techniques (e.g. observing images, hand visualization, listening in, phantom wiggling) spending 3-5 second on each. Complete a minimum of 4 cycles When cycling through techniques: if a sensation arises while performing one of the techniques, stick to it and intensify it Once the sensation reaches its peak, separate … Read more

Step-by-Step Phase Practice. Step 4.

Wake up naturally. Upon awakening, immediately try to separate from your body. To do so, simply roll out, get up or fly up. The moment you wake up, try not to move and do not open your eyes. The separation moves would feel like your normal body moves but without moving your physical muscles. Do … Read more

Step-by-Step Phase Practice. Step 3.

Step 3. Go back to bed. Fall asleep with an intention to enter the Phase at the next awakening. There is no need for alarm clock this time. All your consequent awakenings should be natural.

Plan of Action.

Before entering the Phase, you need to come up with the list of things you want to do in the Phase. This will increase the time and quality of your experience. A simple plan would be: look at yourself in the mirror walk through the wall eat or drink something fly to your neighbour’s house … Read more

Step-by-Step Phase Practice. Step 2.

Wake up to alarm clock in 6 hours. Stay awake for 5-30 minutes. Have some water, use bathroom. Go over your plan of actions in the Phase. Make sure you are totally awake!

Step-by-Step Phase Practice. Step 1.

Go to bed at your usual time but no later than midnight. Set you alarm clock to go off in 6 hours. Sleep soundly for 6 hours. Do not do any attempts before falling asleep.

Step-by-Step Phase Practice. Step 0.

Schedule the practice day. The ideal time is the night before the weekend or on the weekend when you do not need to get up earlier on the next day. Have a calm and quite evening and look forward to the practice. Positive motivation is one of the keys to success!

First Phase Experience

Tatyana gave me an introduction to the Phase lecture and recommended reading a free book by Michael Raduga (can be downloaded from about the Phase (Raduga’s term for OBE/AP/Lucid Dreaming). I’ve never had any of those, so following the instructions, I’ve read just the first section of the book and decided to try the … Read more