Welcome to the Phase!

Have you ever experienced a situation where you have a full awareness of yourself yet you recognize a genuine separation from the physical body? Or perhaps you’ve read or heard about it and always wanted to experience this yourself?

Hi, I’m Tatyana a creator of the Out of Body Experience Guide and the Phase Workshop Facilitator. I’d like to invite you to an amazing journey, a journey of your personal discovery that for me started about 4 years ago. Unlike other teachers and authors in the field of Out of Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming, or Astral Projection, having such experiences did not come naturally to me, I have learned and mastered this skill and I know you can learn and master it too!

The term ‘Phase‘ encompasses a number of widely known phenomena, such as Out-Of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Sleep Paralysis, False Awakening, etc.

Join me in the introductory 2-hour workshop at the Vancouver Body Soul & Spirit Expo, to open a new chapter in your life. You will learn the easiest method to experience an out of body state using effective and simple techniques developed by world-renowned author and researcher of the phenomenon Michael Raduga.

You will also learn how to manage and control the OBE state and how to use it for applied purposes such as traveling the world, space, and time, finding information, meeting deceased relatives or friends, affecting personal physiology and so much more!

For the first time, this unique and highly effective training is available in Canada. Up to 70% of participants experience an out of body state from the first few attempts.

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